Women Empowerment

When women lack economic autonomy, they face an increased risk of violence and limitations to their life choices. Having an independent income is key for women to exercise more control over their own lives. 

Stand up for Women Society (SWS) know that food consumption, clothing, shelter and basic medical facilities are very important for women and their children. Base on this SWS make empowerment another cogent reason or focus to support women for economic empowerment through vocational skill learning, trade skill, computer training and more.

Having an independent income is key for women to exercise more control over their own lives. Engaging in paid work not only provides women with income but is also an opportunity to expand their social circle and gain skills and knowledge and confidence.

While paid work is critically important, there are other aspects of women’s economic rights that go beyond it. For example, the right to an adequate standard of living, which includes the right to food and the right to housing. Other critical rights are the right to health, to education and to social protection

Women spend at least so much times more than men on unpaid care and domestic work, cooking, cleaning, fetching water and firewood and caring for children, the sick and the elderly. This work is essential to life and makes any other work possible but remains invisible and unappreciative. And these have affected the income and savings of women that may cater for their daily expenses and financial success.

The global gender pay gap stands higher. Women belonging to ethnic minorities and uneducated women face even more discrimination for the work they can access and how much they are paid. Standup for Women Society (SWS) understands where shoes pinches women, therefore make it important that women are empowered to have financial and economic power.