About the President

Barr. Abosede Deborah Ijadele-Adetona

Is the President and founder of Standup for Women Society (SWS), Senior Principal Partner in God’s Glory Chambers and Executive Director, Eliphaz House of Love Foundation.

Barr. Abosede D. Ijadele-Adetona serves as the President and founder of Standup for Women Society Nigeria (SWS) and is responsible for the operation and management of the organisation. In addition, Deborah also sits on the Board of Trustees of Standup for Women Society (SWS) and Eliphaz House of Love Foundation. She is a legal practitioner, an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, rights and equality. She is a public speaker on the same issue and frequently writes about the challenges women face in all the states in Nigeria. She has worked with many organizations.

Deborah has led several influential women’s organisations and networks. She currently runs Standup for Women Society (SWS) in all the states in Nigeria as the President. She has worked at the organisation for years and has grown it from the beginning when it first started in Ondo state for women in all the states in Nigeria and helps thousands of women resolving conflicts and raising funds through effective and innovative donor relationships and partnerships.

She is devoted to educating women on their human rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality. As the Executive Director of the Eliphaz House of Love Foundation. Deborah holds an LL.B, and B.L Degree in Law from Lagos State University and Nigerian Law School. She lives in Lagos with her husband and five children. Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram.

Who We Are

All around the world, women share the same rights. The right to live a life free from violence and slavery; the right to be educated; the right to earn a fair and equal wage; the right to own property; the right to expression and freedom to vote and to be voted for.

Standup for Women Society is a networking forum created as an umbrella to promote women affairs and influence the minds, actions and practices of the general public at various government levels to support and ensure fair share responsibilities to women. The group is also to enhance and encourage women to have self confidence, freedom of choice; freedom from violence and attack. In achieving our goals, no woman or girl would be left behind.

We do not aim to undermining the positions of our husbands or to counter our roles as wives and mothers. Rather, We aim at ensuring that women are treated better and well in the society. Women were created by God to be helped-mate and compliment the opposite sex, never shall these roles be subjugated.

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